Let us look at how they would work together as a team.

Jolene  is 5 years old and had a sight test at school.  She needs to go the hospital because she may have a poorly right eye and more tests are required.

This is Jolene’s first visit to the eye department in the hospital.  First, she sees the ORTHOPTIST.  His name is Mr Krumple.

Mr Krumple, carries out a sight test, examines her binocular vision and the muscles of her eyes.  He finds that the vision in her right is poorly.  He writes in the report and then sends her to see the OPTOMETRIST , Miss Twinks.

Miss Twinks, examines Jolene’s eye using special lenses and a bright light to find out if she needs to wear glasses.  She writes in the report and then sends her to see the OPHTHALMOLOGIST,  Mr Cool.

Mr Cool, examines her eyes and then tells her mummy that she has a poorly right eye.  She does not need to wear glasses but needs to wear an eye patch.  She will have to see the ORTHOPTIST,  Mr Krumple regularly to treat her lazy right eye.


Meet the Team